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Cheap Wii U Console site is dedicated to the release of the latest successor to the Nintendo Wii console the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo’s press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 on June 7, 2011 confirmed the release date for the Nintendo Wii U in North America for November 18, 2012 in time for Christmas. The wait is finally over and Cheap Wii U Console is committed to providing you with the hottest gossip, latest games and of course where to find the best cheap Wii U console bundles and deals available online.

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Cheap Wii U Console | Wii U Whats New:

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Cheap Wii U console team can confirm that Nintendo have stated that the Wii U supports 1080p graphics and has 2GB of memory. This is a 20 time increase on the amount of memory used to power the original Wii. The Wii console will be released in two versions; a basic white version with 8 GB of internal storage, and a premium black version with 32 GB of internal storage, which includes stand and docks. A HDMI cable will be packaged with both the black and white version.The Wii U features a brand new controller. Nintendo call this the Wii U Gamepad which boasts touchscreen capabilities. The controller allows a player to continue playing games by displaying the game even when the television is off. The Wii U will be backward compatible with the Wii so you can still enjoy older games on your new cheap Wii U console. More great news comes with the announcement that it will also support all Wii control devices, such as the original Wii Remote, Classic Controller, Pro Controller, Nunchuck and Wii Balance Board.

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The Wii U console is Nintendo’s follow-up to the extremely popular Wii which since it’s launch in 2006 has actually come to be the third bestselling games unit of all time. The Wii U console surpasses on the unique Wii in every feasible means. The standout attribute is an impressive new control system, based around a tablet computer operator with a stunning 6.2 inch, 16:9 display screen. Not only is the gamepad the major controller for the Wii U console, it additionally utilizes the display screen to show added info for the online game you are playing (such as a map guide, HUD display etc). More impressive is the reality that you can shift the primary display from your television to the tablet screen on the gamepad as well as continue gaming. Extremely useful for hectic houses!

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Cheap Wii U Console | Graphics and Gameplay:

The cheap Wii U console is Nintendo’s only High-Definition video gaming console, aimed at both the casual as well as core gamers market once again. It will definitely battle the Xbox 360 as well as Sony’s PS3 of the present generation but in addition, Nintendo’s latest arrival is also aiming to rival the next two future units from Sony and Microsoft’s headquarters. The Wii U console outputs crystal clear 1080p full-HD visuals as well as 6 channel PCM audio over HDMI. Gameplay video recordings as well as live demonstrations have shown the sheer power the Wii U console can generate in terms of graphics and gameplay. The Wii U console is destined to be another massive success for Nintendo for many years to come following in the footsteps of its cousin the original Wii. Check out the graphic and gameplay demonstration below.

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Cheap Wii U Console | Where to buy:

Here at Cheap Wii U Console, we cant hold in our excitement about the release of the Wii U on November 18th. The starting line-up of launch games looks absolutely fantastic, and we’re sure that plenty of families will be gathering around a Wii U this Christmas. Don’t miss out all the fun, order your Wii U Basic, Wii U Premium or Wii U Premium + ZombiU pack today, and dont forget to check back with cheap Wii U console site for all the latest gossip on the Nintendos Wii U console!

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